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ليش بنصح؟؟


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Top 40 Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss and Well being


If you want to lose weight and keep your health in top shape, then try to include these foods in your regular diet and you will be on track with your weight loss plan.

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Dr. Sarah Hallberg: How do I break a weight loss plateau on a ketogenic diet?



Meal Prep for My Weight Loss Journey! *Easy Meal Prep for Weight Loss*


In this video, I do my weekly meal prep and teach you guys what I cook that is healthy and has been helping me lose weight.

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Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight? For Fast Weight Loss Water Should Be Like This !!!


Does drinking water help you lose weight? The answer is “YES.” BUT, THERE IS MORE TO IT. There are little tips and tricks that exist to accelerate weight loss, outside of exercising and dieting.
One trick that will help weight loss and improve overall health is drinking water.
But the water should NOT BE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.
Water aid in weight loss by flushing out all the toxins that makes it difficult to lose weight.
Water is also an excellent natural appetite suppressant.
It will stop you from overeating and help control your appetite and calorie intake.
According to a study, drinking water at a certain temperature can increase these weight-loss benefits further.
The study found that drinking COLD WATER further boosted the body’s calorie burning capacity, as the body burns calories by HEATING UP THE WATER FOR DIGESTION.
The study also found that drinking warm water can also help accelerate weight loss, as the body burns calories to BRING THE WATER BACK DOWN TO BODY TEMPERATURE.
Drinking A GLASS OF WARM WATER on an empty stomach can increase the temperature of body, thereby increasing metabolic rate and burning more calories.
Some people were asking about how much water they should drink to lose weight.
Well, there is no hard and fast rule for that.
You can drink as much water as you can and bit more.
But the important thing is that you should drink water that is not at room temperature so that you can lose weight a bit faster.
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