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Fitness Exercise Motivation 2018 | Top 10 Fitness Quotes Zumba Music – Inspirational Quotes


there are top 10 fitness motivation quotes, that will help you for love your body

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Navkasan Pump – Core Exercise : Yogic Fitness Act 1


In this video Dinesh Ghodke teaches how to do Navkasan Pump as a part of Core Exercise, which is taught personally by him in the Yogic Fitness Act 1 Program.

Yogic Fitness Act 1 (YF-I) is an absolutely unique program that starts you off on that most precious journey – Great Health! In three sessions of three hours each, you will be introduced to the art and science of being strong, healthy and fit. YF-I brings together three elements required for vibrant good health – Exercise, Diet and Rest.

In these videos you will be taught foundation exercises that will get your body moving the way it was designed to. To know more about the program please click

Please check with your doctor or health care professional before beginning any fitness program or exercises, we will not be responsible for any injury or harm as a result of you doing the exercises on this video.

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How to Make Exercise More Effective Than Prozac


Exercise is the ultimate anti-depressant medicine. It floods your brain with feel-good chemicals in a natural and holistic way…as long as you know how to apply it. Unfortunately, a lot of popular approaches to exercise can have the opposite effect and leave you feeling down and frustrated. These tips will help you avoid the negative side effects and get the most from each workout for both body and mind.

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5 Ways to exercise your Triceps by Fitness 1st Steps


Here are 5 ways you can exercise your triceps. It is up to you what kind of lifting you want to do and how many sets. You can BULK or RIP or a bit of both- Find out more on any of Fitness 1st Steps social media platforms.

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Stability Ball Workout for Beginners – Exercise Ball Workout


Get a full body workout with this stability ball workout. This easy to follow, yet challenging routine focuses on strengthening the core and is best for beginners. Choose an exercise ball that’s right for you. Petite 55cm, small 65cm, medium 75cm and large 85cm.

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